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Re:Prathivadi Bhayankaram Anna

From: Indira Prativadi. (
Date: Thu Oct 26 1995 - 10:03:39 PDT

I am resending this message because I got this 'returned undelivered'  
but I did get a copy so I am not sure what happened. If you have already 
received it you could just delete this I suppose. I am sorry.


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Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 10:46:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: Indira Prativadi. <iprati@agccss1>

Hello everyone,

I am glad to be the new member of the prapatti family. I am greatful to 
Mani for adding my name to this list. I have been thouroughly enjoying 
the discussions for the past few days.

I have some info about Swami Prathivadi Bhayankaram Anna:

Varadhan wrote

**As an aside, the reason that Anna got the title Prativaadhi Bayangram 
was that he won a debate with someone.  If someone knows more about the 
debate tat he won please pass on the information**

Sri Hasthigirinatha Anna was born  in 10th generation of Mudumbai Nambi 
(brother-in-law of Sri Bhagavath Ramanujacharyar)family, to Ananthacharya 
on Adi Pushyam of the year Plava 4463of the Kali Era, corresponding to 
1361 A.D. He became an earnest disciple of Nayana Varadacharyar 
(illustrious son of Sri Vedanta Deshikar) and acquired greater spiritual 

Anna's sensational victory in a debate with the famous and undefeated 
Advaitin Narasimha Misra, in establishing the supremacy of Vishistadwita 
Siddhanta earned him the title 'PRATHIVADI BHAYANKARAM' from his Guru 
Nayana Varadacharya. From then on he was called PRATHIVADI BHAYANKARAM ANNA.
Swamy Anna became an intimate, trusted and devout disciple of Swamy 
Manayala Mamunigal and was one of the Asta Diggajas (8 invincible 
Acharyas) to propagate Vishistadwita philosophy.

After leading a life of spiritual discipline and dedicated service, he 
shed his mortal body on Panguni Sukla Navami day in the year Srimukha, Kali 
abda year 4556, corresponding to 1454 A.D.