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Request for Sri Stuthi

From: Rajiv Madabhushi (
Date: Wed Oct 25 1995 - 15:58:14 PDT

Hello friends,

As a neophyte in the discussion group and in Sri Vaishnavism, I would
just like to vocalize my enthusiastic support for all the topics that
have been discussed so far!  I used to be under the misunderstanding
that Prapatti is a simple offering of oneself to the feet of the Lord
(it seemed like a simple task to me when I read about it in a very
short commentary on Vishishtaadvaita), but this group and my "starter"
book by Ramakrishnananda on the Life of Ramanujacarya have given much
greater depth to my understanding of Prapatti and Sri Vaishnavism.  It
is truly overwhelming the amount of knowledge and devotion expounded
by the members of the group!

As a small request, I would very much appreciate if some one could
please post the Sri Stuthi by Sri Vedanta Desikaacarya and its English
translation, if possible.

Thanks for filling this void of a brain,