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Re: Origin of Sri Venkatesha

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Wed Oct 25 1995 - 13:26:05 PDT

>>>     SaaRRumuRai sEvai is an everyday thing.  The only free sEvai
>>>     where you can stand within 10 feet of the Lord for
>>>     about ten minues without any "jerugandi" shouted at you.
>>>     Only for men though :-(.
>>>-- Dileepan
>I agree with Dileepan.  Saathumurai sEvai is an everyday thing.   I enjoyed 
>having darshan of Lord Venkateswara for ten minutes on two consecutive days.  
>I cannot forget those moments in my life.

Could some veteran please post about the best "way" to visit thiru vEngadam today?
Best day of the week, Best time, where to stay etc.

Going with the TTDC/ITDC tourist bus for the "jargandi" dharshanam is
not quite satisfying. I was told the walk up the hill is a lot more satisfying,
even if you miss the "jargandi" dharshanam.

Srinivasan K