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Origins of SRi Venkateshwara
Date: Wed Oct 25 1995 - 13:26:26 PDT

This seems to have stirred up a few more opinions than I thought there were =)
I welcome opinions on the meaning of "Govinda"..

And I have been 'corrected' on this topic by Dileepan and Ramgopal

>>>rather stick with my wonderful memories of the peace of the seven hills,
>>>having saathumurai darshanam on Fridays, and a saying that one sees just as
>>        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>you enter the main temple area :

Okay.. noweher does it say *ONLY ON FRIDAYS* =) If I remember right, the
saathumurai sevai is very early in the morning on most days, while Friday
it is a little later ( ~9.30am ) .. which makes it a lot more easy for a
confirmed night owl like me to make it there on time =) That was my intent,
and not to misinform our members about the pooja kramam =)

I agree that one's memories of a place are very subjective. I do not mean to
use my happy memories of venkatam as a support to my argument. What I meant was
that among my memories of the place,

' venkatesha samo devo na bhooto na bhavishyate" 

stands out.. and seems to make too much argument over this fruitless =)

- Sundar