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From: Thirumalai Anandanpillai (
Date: Wed Oct 25 1995 - 11:55:40 PDT

Subject: Granting of liberation

Dileepan's extract from Sri Narasimhapriya.
> T:          Singing the name and glory etc. would lead to moksa
>             only through Prapatti [self - surrender].  Don't
>             misunderstand all these concepts by mere reading of
>             books.  You act and do as intended and instructed by
>             our acaryasarvabhauma Sri Vedanta Desika.  It is only
>             by prapannas [those who have performed saranagati]
>             that liberation could be achieved.  For others Lord
>             Mukunda will not grant liberation thus it is stated very
>             clearly by Srimad Desikan in the Srimad
>             Rahasayatrayasaram. 


 I am having difficulty in understanding the above. It does not seem
 correct to me that the Lord places some conditions before granting
 us liberation, or that He does not grant liberation to people who
 do not perform saraNaagati. 

 Somehow I believe that He has infinite Kindness and that he will grant us
 liberation if we have bhakti towards him, irrespective of whether
 we do a particular thing or not.

 It is really a surprise to me that Srimad Rahasayatrasaram says that
 'He will not grant liberation if you do not do this etc..'.

 Of course, I am not very learned in these areas. 
 It would definitely help me if I could get some explanations
 regarding this.


Note: I know that this is a sensitive area, and I wish to state that I
 do not want to start an argument that takes us away from the main
issue here. If you happen to think that my post is insulting Sri Vedanta
Desikar,please accept my apologies. That is not my intention.