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Re: Origin of Sri Venkatesha

From: Ramagopal V. Mudumbi (
Date: Wed Oct 25 1995 - 13:00:08 PDT

>>>For a people that say we should not look at "nadi moolam" or "rshi moolam",
>>>I think an exercise is Sri Venkatesha moolam is a little fruitless.. I'd
>>>rather stick with my wonderful memories of the peace of the seven hills,
>>>having saathumurai darshanam on Fridays, and a saying that one sees just as
>>        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>you enter the main temple area :

>>     SaaRRumuRai sEvai is an everyday thing.  The only free sEvai
>>     where you can stand within 10 feet of the Lord for
>>     about ten minues without any "jerugandi" shouted at you.
>>     Only for men though :-(.

>>-- Dileepan

I agree with Dileepan.  Saathumurai sEvai is an everyday thing.   I enjoyed 
having darshan of Lord Venkateswara for ten minutes on two consecutive days.  
I cannot forget those moments in my life.