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Sri VenkatEsaa suprapaatham

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Oct 25 1995 - 10:51:25 PDT

> Hello =) I thought raama was not called govinda, Krishna was. Of course,
> I could be entirely wrong in this, in which case I'll sink down and pull
> the rue over my head but I think , this is a contradiction.
> " Ah but you see, Vishwamitra knew that raama was going to be incarnated as
> Krishna"... umm, no thanks =)

GOvindaa - one of the relavant meaning is "the one who knows Jeevans very
well". The popularly known avataarams are ten.

 The agamas decalre that the incarnations to be as many as frequent sparks from
a fire. SOme scholl of gradings and classification of such incarnations are as

I) Saakshaath or direct and primary incarnations when the divine manifested
throughout the duration of particular incarnations.

II) Gauna or secondary incarnations when the manifestations of the divine is
temporary becuase of God's entrance for a brief period of time into another
form or (sakthi avesa) for any other reason.

At the start of a kalpa before brahmaa is born, Achuyathaa is the only one
present and all others are present in him.

Before rudraas and others were created from brahmaa, PAdmanaaba, Ananthan, and
Govindan, hayagreevan, etc evolved in the process of  Achuthan's incarnations.
These precedes matsya avathaaram itself. It is unwise to attach the name
"govinda" to krishna alone without knowing the meaning of Govinda. In Tamil
"ko" "Cow" vinthan is one associated with cows is also a popular deriavtion. It
(such tamil translation) has nothing to do with the govindaa referred in
raamaayanaa or the string, Ahcyuthaya, ananthaaya, govindaaya .... .

> For a people that say we should not look at "nadi moolam" or "rshi moolam",
> I think an exercise is Sri Venkatesha moolam is a little fruitless.. I'd
> rather stick with my wonderful memories of the peace of the seven hills,
> having saathumurai darshanam on Fridays, and a saying that one sees just as
> you enter the main temple area :
> " venkatesha samo devo na bhooto na bhavishyate"..
> - Sundar
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I wake up every day and see Lord venkatesaa first. I had always preferred only
supra paatha sErvai at thirumalai. Prior to  the supra paatham  a priest with
veena plays and sings Annamaachaaya song . This is a temple protocol. It
doesnot mean that Annamaachaarya's songs precedes suprapaatham in chronology.
Individual memories of a shektram differ from person to person and according to
their mental framework. It is my sincere feeling that It maynot be  referred,
 to constitute any valid point in an argument of this nature.

Sampath Rengi