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From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Wed Oct 25 1995 - 09:43:43 PDT

KS wrote..

In Tamil, it is vengdam, with a short 'e', a vowel not present in Sanskrit.
I think it is from 'veN" (white) + "kadam" (should look up in sangath thamizh dictionary)

Srinivasan K

I think it is vENGgadam (with a nedil vE). That is how it is written for
vENGgadakrishNan, Sri parthasaarathy's name at Triplicane and the 10
pasurams by thirumaNGgai mannan starting with "vaanavar thaNGgaL..".
Nowadays people write their names as venkat with a short ve..

Dileepan wrote..

     There is no merit to the counter claims as
     the deity of thiru vEngadam is described
     as maayOn (Vishnu) by the Jain poet iLangO adigaL
     in Chilappathikaaram, at least 300 years before
     Sri Ramanuja.  Further 10 aazhvaars, (thoNdar adippodi
     and Mathurakavi not included) sang in praise of
     ThiruvEngadavan.  These aazhvaars are again at
     least 150 - 250 years prior to Sri Ramanuja.
     I am not aware of any Saivite naayanmaars praising
     vEngadam as a vElan site.  Badri, are there any
     such songs by any naayanmaars?

-- Dileepan

But there existed a controversy during the time of ramaanujar and he settled
the issue by keeping a caNGgu + chakkaram and something representing sivan
in fron of the sanctum sanctorum one night. the next morning the caNGgu +
chakkaram were found in the arms of Sri vENGgadEsa perumaaL. I heard abt
this long back. Also the vilvam leaves supposed to be a favourite for sivan
is used during a particular month for archanai at thiruppathy, i heard.
anybody from thiruppathy, pls clarify..