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vengadam and govinda

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Wed Oct 25 1995 - 09:21:42 PDT

just to throw in some more light on this subject:

venkata is the sanskrit form of this word.  vem in sanskrit is "paapam"
or sin.  katayati - is the verb for cutting or uprooting.  this place
is supposed to have the auspiscous attribute of cleansing sins.
this word "vikata giri"( vikata is same as venkata in sanskrit) occurs in
the vedas. I do not know which part of veda ie. think bramhana portion.

by the way the term "govinda" need not refer to krishna. 
govinda has several derivations in sanskrit.  gavaaam vindate iti govindaha -
this means that by praise (with devotion) this person (Lord Narayana) is 
attainable (vindate).  ie. One who can be attained by prayer (note this is a
quite visistadvaitic term, in the sense prayers can make that supreme
bramhan help us.  there could be other ways to make meaning out of this word
one could refer to shankaracharya's vishnu sahasra nama bhasyam . I will
look into parashara and shankaracharya's bhasyam and confirm the meaning
which I have written impromptu.  

it is true that "kausalya supraja raama" is the first form of any suprabatam
sung - this is why this version is used in "nithya aradhanam of perumal"
(note treta yuga is assumed to be prior to dvapara yuga)