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From: krish (
Date: Wed Oct 25 1995 - 07:14:50 PDT 's comments
The prayer was composed using Valmiki's verse as the first
stanza. The composer Prathivadhi bayankaram Anna was asked
to compose a morning prayer. Govinda, Garudawaja are all
synonyms for Vishnu.
My memories of Tirupathy are not so warm. I felt sick of 
dipping in the pushakarini ( 1954 )and jutting out with
black dirty ,moss and other debris. Then a long line to
enter the inner sanctum. 
I ould trade anyday the peace at Parthasarathy Koil in
Triplicane or at Srirangpatna.
Another impressive site iny memory is Thirumayam
near Pudukkottai.
Pittsburgh is enjoyable.