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Origin of Venkatesh

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Wed Oct 25 1995 - 07:05:06 PDT

>Sri Venkatesa and Balaji, are so familiar to us now. They both are absent in
>the Vishnu Sahasra Namam (1000 names of Vishnu). Not being found in
>Vishnu-1000 adds credence to the belief that Venkatesa avataram is of Kali
>Yugam, whereas Vishnu-1000 belongs to Dwapara Yugam. 
>Although people have shown Vedic roots for the word, perhaps Venkatesa is
>Sanskritization of Thiru Vengadam of the Alwars. 
>Any thoughts on thi subject?

In Tamil, it is vengdam, with a short 'e', a vowel not present in Sanskrit.
I think it is from 'veN" (white) + "kadam" (should look up in sangath thamizh dictionary)

Srinivasan K