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Origin of Supra paatham

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Oct 25 1995 - 04:38:21 PDT

Thirup palli ezhuchchi defenitely precedes all the supra paadams by chronology
and excels by style and composition. If one should find an origin for "supra
paatham" then one would like to take a look at raamaayan and vishwamitra's
calling Raama as "Kausalyaa suprajaa ramaa ....". Venkatesa avathaaram is not
Kali yugam. There are citations of Lord Balaji in "Saneeswara Puraanam" that
Saraswathi did penance at Thirumalai seeking his blessings, prior to  Ramaa
Avathaaram. The Adivaraahar at thirumalai, the presiding deity for Balaji,
certainly dates to varaaha avathaaram and Lord Venkatesaa himself is somewhere
between varaaha avathaaram and Ramaa avathaaram.
I am sure there are references to this shethram in other puraanams which will
give a directiona and idea  on the dates sought.
Sampath Rengi