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Origin of Venkatesh
Date: Tue Oct 24 1995 - 20:16:28 PDT

Venkateswara Su-prabhatam has all aspects for a full round puja. It consists
of Four parts:

Venkatesa Suprabhatam (awaking Sree and Vishnu)
Venkatesa Stotram (Praise)
Venkatesa Prapatti (Sharanagati, through Sree)
Venkatesa Mangalam (Conclusion)
I don't know of anything that is more pleasant,  rhythmic and popular at the
same time than these verses. One other work that comes close to this is the
 Tamil version of V.Suprabhatam! 
Krishna, could you please tell exact name and time of your ancestor who
composed V.Suprabhatam? 

Sri Venkatesa and Balaji, are so familiar to us now. They both are absent in
the Vishnu Sahasra Namam (1000 names of Vishnu). Not being found in
Vishnu-1000 adds credence to the belief that Venkatesa avataram is of Kali
Yugam, whereas Vishnu-1000 belongs to Dwapara Yugam. 

Although people have shown Vedic roots for the word, perhaps Venkatesa is
Sanskritization of Thiru Vengadam of the Alwars. 

Any thoughts on thi subject?

K. Sreekrishna