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From: krish (
Date: Tue Oct 24 1995 - 13:12:02 PDT

The term refers to getting up in good mood.
The composer went on to write several Suprabhathams, 
for Srirangam etc., after Venkatewara's. My querry is
that it was probably preceded by Tiru-palli-ezuchhi,
The first verse in Venlatesha's is from Valmiki.
Most of them are words of praise, all powerful,
lotus eyed, handsome etc.
That is why the translations do not carry the the
power to engulf the listener, as the sonorous sounds
do. The extensions "Kamala-cuchacho" split the
words at convenient spots to provide the rhythmic 
tempo. Tirupalli-ezuchhi is some what cleaner
and probaly melodius than rhythmic.
Even Thiruppavai has a stanza.
The "BHAKTHI" approach is  a personal way for
devotion and treats the Lord as a master, child and lover.