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Translation of VishnuSahasra and Venkat. SuPbtm
Date: Mon Oct 23 1995 - 17:39:55 PDT

Perhaps the best translation into English of Vishnu Sahasranamam is by Eknath
Easwaran. This book entitled Thousand names of Vishnu is available from the
The poetry is quite as well as the explanation (I have not compared side by
side withParashara Bhattars commentary) is good for  a translation. Costs $12
for paper back and $22 for hard bound. Excellent quality books. Can be phone
ordered by calling 1-800-475-2369.
Suprabhatam translation will also be good if we can convince Eknath Easwaran
to take up on that project, otherwise , it will be just like Krish has
pointed out.
By the way a poetic translation of Bhagavadgita has been made by Swamy
Ramanujananda of Ramakrishna Mutt in Kerala. It is okay.
K. Sreekrishna.