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re:bhakti and prapatti

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon Oct 23 1995 - 14:34:03 PDT

Note:  mani, I do agree that akinchanya and ananyagatitva are needed
and non-denial of grace will all be sufficient for a complete prapatti.

if one states prapatti has 5 angas or subsidiary requisites, this rule
is from ahirbudhnya samhita and is common for all srivaishnavas : tenkalai and
vadagalai.  one of the main angas is :

rakshisyati iti vishwasaha :  the trust that srimannarayana will protect.
this is an important anga.  you may be reading only some portions of
tenkalai works .... I am not sure now since I am writing without having
looked through the works today.

I feel they cannot get away without this anga of prapatti which is a common