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our Idols

From: krish (
Date: Fri Oct 20 1995 - 09:44:22 PDT

there has bee a lot of discussion about he improtance of Vishnu over Shiva.
I was brought up in a Srivaishanvite family. Our forefathers worked in
Tirupathy, one of them composed the Suprabhatham for Venkateshwara
and also severl deities in the divya-sketras. Anyway, when we
woke up in the
morning we rubbed our palms and looked into it and uttered the morning
sloka : Kara-gray Vasathe Lakshmi! Kara-madhye Saraswathi !
Kara-moo-lay sthi-the Gowri ! Prabhath-ay Kar-dharsanam.
The three goddesses ar the consorts to the tri-moorthys.
One probably prayed for wealth, knowledge and health.
Then a shower ( muttering river names ) and after anointing oneself,
we bowed dow to our home idols and shaligrams.
Dad did aradhana and we learnt some of the slokas.
Friday was a prayer night and we read the Shasranama and
visted Parthasarathy Koil.
I suppose this did not include SriBhasyam, but the concern for
differtiating the moorthys never arose.
So I do wonder why we have to raise the issue.
I do hope Mani posts the main lectures of Ramanuja. Till now we 
have learnt his rebellion against castes, but that was known
by all Vaishanvites, who mostly ignored it. So did the historians
who felt Ghandhi was the first to point it out.