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Bhakthi vs Prapatti
Date: Fri Oct 20 1995 - 07:53:04 PDT

Bkathi vs Prabhathi

Since I have joined the group recently, I am not sure whether there was a
discussion on Vedantha Desika's Saranagati Deepika.  This work illustrates in
an excellent fashion the concept of prapatti and contrasts it with Bhakthi.  If
it is not discussed earlier, I can sent out the slokas and brief explanation of
these slokas.  There is also a brief commentary by Srimad Andavan on this topic
and I can send this also.  In this context, sarama slokam by Krishna in
Bhagavad Geetha was cited and discussed.  I am not sure whether any one
mentioned the other two sarama slokas, one by Rama and another by Narayana in
Varaga Avathara.  If it is not out there, I can send them out also.
R. Kannabiran.