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Re: introduction from Kanaka Vasudevan

From: Kanaka Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Oct 19 1995 - 16:07:04 PDT


I am thankful to you for having given me the oppurtunity to learn about bhakti
and vaishnavism by such elite group discussions . i am enjoying it
thoroughly.. I was born in srirangam but brought up in diff parts of the
country. I was in n delhi  from my nineth grade till i finished mbbs from uncle is a devout srivaishnavite  and since my father lived with his
brothers family as  the joint family tradition . I used to go to srirangam
for summer vacation to my grandfathers place . I saw all the uthsavams at
srirangam .very fascinating retuals  specially the and the  panguni uttram
etc.Iwas very fascinated by the 43 rd jeear when he visited delhi in his
pallakku and elephants. my mom had to go to somebodys house to get water from
a well to cook for sri kannan swamigal. I am stiil an iyengar at heart though
i do not say so in public. My husband Dr.vasudevan is a urologist ,also from
srirangam.We have two boys 21 and19  Iam an anesthesiologist. I am very
pleasedto recieve infiomation through this fantastic machine which i am
trying to learn to tame. 

Thank you ,
with regards , kanaka vasudevan