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Re: bhakti vs prapatti

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Thu Oct 19 1995 - 12:40:22 PDT

Parthasarati Dileepan writes:
> On Thu, 19 Oct 95 01:25:10 UT Ramadas said:
> >If this is the case, should I remove Shree and
> >Ganesha from the peetum ...


>      As for other dhEvathaa, I think we must differentiate
>      between Lakshmi (Sri) and some of others you have mentioned.
>      Swami Sri DhEsikan says, "kadi malaraaL piriyaadha
>      .... aruLaaLar," (Our Lord is never separated
>      from Lakshmi)  Even as Vamanan, a brhamachari, our Lord
>      did not separate from thaayaar (Lakshmi); had her
>      concealed in his heart.  

Swami Desikan also implies that Lakshmi is the personification
of the Lord's mercy -- ``karuNaam iva rUpiNIm.''  Thus, there 
is no real difference between Narayana and Sri; one cannot conceive
of one without the other.  Sri Desikan also writes about Rama,
``prabhaavaan sItayaa devyaa'' -- Rama is effulgent through
his association with Sita. The rays of the sun are how we
come in contact with its brilliance, but are yet inseparable
and eternally associated with the sun. Similarly, the Lord's
dayaa is eternally part of him, and through this grace we
experience him.