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bhakti vs prapatti

From: Raymond Crawford (
Date: Wed Oct 18 1995 - 18:38:24 PDT

Krish says:
The ritualistic aspects, bottu, satari and so on can be compared 
to the srate of getting into acceptable groups.

I used to wonder at the 
magnificence of ritual in the Catholic church and then the simplistic worship 
in the Assembly of God.  Then I marvelled at the worship in Guruvayoor and in 
Krishna Mutt.  Why all this opulence and ritual?

But the answer is simple 
really. We wear the mundu, dhoti, or sari. we put on the tilak or bottu, we 
go to the temple and participate in the magnificent ritual because all these 
are designed to focus our mind on the Supreme.  Wearing the business suit etc 
is designed to focus our mind on the material aspect of our life.

Spiritual life is different to material life.  Our whole purpose in this life 
is to focus our mind on the Supreme so we can attain Him at death.  To help 
us do this the rituals etc. are designed to forcefully bring our 
consciousness away from the mundane and focus it on the Supreme.

this is too simplistic a way to look at things!