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Re: astrology & faith

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Oct 18 1995 - 12:00:27 PDT

This is once again in reference to the use of astrology
and horoscopes by Vaishnavas.  Sri Vatsya Varadacharya
is explicit about this, and I simply cannot understand
why devout Sri Vaishnavas continue to look at 'jaatakam'
and raahu-kaalam, etc., when determining what to do.

It seems to me that if one simply does an action with
the attitude that the results are dedicated to the Lord,
there is no need to consult an astrologer, and indeed it
is an insult to Him to do so.  Why look for a "good" day
when all days are good?

I cannot explain why Sri Azhagiya Singar used horoscopes.
He must have had his own explanation.  We certainly do
not disagree with Purandara Dasa when he says "sakala
graha bala nInE" (you are the strength behind all the
planets), so why not just depend on the source than
the middlemen?