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bhakti yoga
Date: Wed Oct 18 1995 - 11:37:07 PDT

I would like to thank Krishna Prasad for correcting my incomplete
understanding of Bhakti Yoga as defined by Srivaishnava Acharyas.

Moving to the topic of Mani's comments on my reference to astrology
and numerology, a part of what I had said was conjecture.  The
science of Astrology and related sciences were initially never
intended to be used for good luck etc.  They were used in Vedic times
to find ideal time and situation to conduct Vedic sacrifices.  Even
today the individual who first taught me Thiruvaradhanai as well as
the person who did Upadesham of Kanninun Siruthambu checked out the
auspicious time to teach/ do upadesham.  Both these people are
learned Prapannas.  When the 44th Jeer sent the approval of the plan
for Sri Ranganatha Temple in New York/ New Jersey, He specifically
instructed that the people who should be involved in the temple
construction etc should have the Yoga in their horoscopes for
constructing a temple.  Everything that has been bequested by God has
its place in the life of a Prapanna but a Prapanna knows or finds out
how it is to be used in Sriman Narayana's service.