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Re: Bhakti vs Prapatti

From: Ravikanth V. Kothuri (
Date: Tue Oct 17 1995 - 19:20:32 PDT

On Oct 17,  7:44pm, raghunath govindachari wrote:
> Subject: Re: Bhakti vs Prapatti
> [deleted]
> > and Vedanta Deshika's minor rahasyas.  Another term for Bhakti Yoga
> > is Ashtanga Yoga.
> This is the first time I hear Bhakti yoga being equated to ashtanga yoga.
> My understanding was Ashtanga yoga refered to Patanjali's yoga
> which again does not explicitly accept a Personal God.
> Raghu
I am also puzzled at this. But Jay's description of the practice of bhakti yoga
in SriVaishnavism  involves  the practice of yama, niyama, pranayama.., to
meditate on Lord Narayana and hence is similar to the ashtanga yoga. Still
wonder if the equation ashtanga = bhakti yoga holds because to my knowledge the
general ashtanga of Patanjali does not require one to meditate on Sriman
Narayana as the Paramatma but only on His formless Brahman.
(correct me as necessary).

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