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Sri Ranganatha Gadyam

From: Eswar Josyula (
Date: Tue Oct 17 1995 - 12:58:24 PDT

Comments and Questions on Sri Rangnatha Gadhyam:

Muralidhar Rangaswamy has shared with us this beautiful composition of Sri Ramanuja.
In the first part the acarya glorifies the Lord, in the second part he 
acknowledges in front of the Lord, his own shortcomongs. What next?  I find
this pause rather interesting, as mentioned by Muralidhar.

In the last part, he surrenders to the Lord and seeks refuge.  The mood of 
the acarya is hard for me to comprehend.  The acarya who has keen intellect
and content with what he has, why is he asking for refuge?

Also, Muralidhar mentined that Sri Ramanuja composed this after returning
from a tour of holy places.  Was this significant?

-Eswar Josyula