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Re: Significance of Number 32

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Tue Oct 17 1995 - 13:09:35 PDT

In my opinion and understanding of Acharyas' works,
astrology and numerology have nothing to do with bhakti
and should be abandoned by a prapanna, i.e., by one
who has dedicated himself to the Lord. No less an
authority than Sri Vatsya Varadacarya, paramaguru
of Vedanta Desika, writes as such in the ``Prapanna

The number 32 is significant in Desikar's works only
because it reminiscent of the 32 brahma-vidyas
(modes of meditation) explained in the Brahma-sutras.
It does not have any spiritual significance other 
than that.  I find it hard to believe that as logical 
and devout a person as Desikar would use numerology
to enhance his works in the hope of some good luck.