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From: krish (
Date: Tue Oct 17 1995 - 04:36:51 PDT

To some extent I am appalled at the strong attachment to day to
day observances and the rituals. It makes me feel that one wants
to grasp at everything, to assure himsel he is a dedicated 
Vaishanvite. I feel strongly that Hinduism is a rational relgion
that appeals to one's sense in the pursuit of the meaning of
human existence, better than others. the ability to question
is always there. For every moral code there is a parable
for its exception. The bhakti movement might have risen due
to persecution when relgious faiths among the kings changed,
much like the protestants and catholics.
I do hope we come to the meat of Visishtadwaita and more about
Ramanuja's propositions. 
I view religious writings as a hobby and to know why and how this
human life is viewd. I do hop our topics switch to intellectaul
pusuit. Of course, you may be right that, if one does not
follow the ritualistic way, he may not get understand the rest.
It may be like passing the elementary grades. But having see 
that people live and progress withoutthe knowledge of our Gods
makes me wonder whther one has to get attached because one was brought
up that way.