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Re: Significance of Number 32
Date: Tue Oct 17 1995 - 13:01:32 PDT

Re: Eswar Josyula's comments about the relevance of #32.  Numbers
have been very significant in the way saints and Acharyas have
composed their works.  That the Mahabharata war was fought over 18
days and the Geeta has 18 chapters is no coincidence.  It may all
have something to do with the science of astrology and numerology.
Their is even a system of medicine where Devanagiri script letters
are used in the healing process of minor ailments.  In numerology
number 7 & 9 are very significant if they show up in one's quest for
the divine and the numbers 4 & 8 are significant when one's quest is
in search of the occult.  Someone in this group who may be adept in
numerology or who knows someone may be able to get the numerlogical
significance of number 32.  Regarding its significance for Prapatti
it becomes Bhagavan's responsibility to make astrology and numerology
work favourably for a Prapanna engaged in His service.