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Re: Regarding Satari

From: Ravikanth V. Kothuri (
Date: Mon Oct 16 1995 - 22:41:17 PDT

On Oct 16,  2:18pm, Parthasarati Dileepan wrote:

>    In the first two lines he compares his status to that
>    of Kaakaasuran who saught the help of all and sundry,
>    but finally after realising that there is no other hope
>    surrendered to Lord Rama and was saved.  Likewise, Swami
>    DhEsikan implies, that for him all the other methods
>    such as Bhakthi yoga, etc. (he is not even mentioning
>    karma yoga, Jgana yoga et al.) are not efficacious.  Thus
>    he seeks total surrender (adaikkalam) at the feet of
>    Aththigiri AruLaaLar (Kanchi Varadharaja perumaaL.)
I am confused as to what bhakti yoga is and prapatti (deducing from previous
articles, to mean total surrender to the Lord) is? This is the second time
I am seeing an article mentioning such a distinction and felt I should
inquire into this.

Does not surrender to the Lord entail bhakti?

If the acaryas distinguish between the two,
is it because bhakti can be towards 'anya devata' also? But then that is not
the 'bhakti yoga' described by Krishna in Gita where He says "Man Mana bhava
mad bhakto..".

I don't know anything about SriVaishnavism. If this is a basic question, please
forgive my ignorance.

>    These two great souls preferred prapatti to other methods!
> -- Dileepan