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Date: Mon Oct 16 1995 - 20:22:52 PDT

Dear Manjula, 

Thanks for a thorough write up on the Bottu. You did not leave a bottu of
doubt as to its significance and place in our culture. 

A forehead without any marking is also compared to a grave yard; that grave
is the importance of bottus. This is my BINDI  of contribution to your BUNDI
 of info on the bottus (bottopasanam)!

Another thought crossed my mind about the Charred bottus (black bottus). I am
wondering whether any fullerans are formed during the charring process.
(Note: Fullerans are a form of carbon, apart from graphite, diamond,
activated charcoal and plain charcoal, discovered within the last decade.
Fullerans have a caged structure comprising of sixty or so carbon atoms with
some exclusive properties which includes trapping dust effectively and have
been suggested for encapsulating drugs and for some other medical

K. Sreekrishna
PS: Fullerans or Fullerenes (spelling?)