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From: Eswar Josyula (
Date: Mon Oct 16 1995 - 13:39:50 PDT

When I read Manjula's article on alt.hindu, I was impressed how
well-researched it was. Now we also know Manjula wears bottu to
school/work everyday.  It is an inspiration to us as parents, when
we are trying to send our daughter, a second grader to the haloween
party in indian dress and bottu.

Also wanted to add that in West Bengal, the Hindu women wear sindoor
in the partition (of the hair) onthe head and may or may not wear
bottu on the forehead; the bengali vaisnava women wear the vaisnanva
tilaka on the forehead.  

oh, in my informal survey of who in this group puts thirumaan to
school/work everyday, i got replies from two people that are putting
the forehead vaisnava marks to school/work everyday in these united
states of A!!!

-Eswar Josyula