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[Introduction to Prapatti group from]
Date: Mon Oct 16 1995 - 12:01:37 PDT

Greetings.  Thanks to Mani for letting me in to be part of this group and
Dr. Rengaswami who told me about the existence of the group.  I belong to a
traditional vaishnava family (somewhere in marriage invitations I have seen
names like Thoopil).  My uncle was one of the chief archtiects of the Desika
Sabha in Bombay.  I am involved in activites of Sri Lakshmi Temple, Ashland,
Ma.  I am also leading a group on vedic chanting.  I have been interested in
Vaishnavism and Visishtadvaita from early age and never fully understood
from reading.  My current belief is that there is a component of
experientialism which I think could be obtained either by rituals and/or
yoga etc..  I am really happy to see the discussions that are going on and
hope to contribute to the discussions.