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Re: Regarding Satari

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Mon Oct 16 1995 - 11:18:25 PDT

>* `agala killEn iRaiyum'en
>*   RalarmEl mangai yuRaimaar_paa,
>* nigaril pugazhaay! ulagamoon
>*   Rudaiyaay! ennai aaLvaanE,
>* nigaril amarar munikkaNangaL
>*   virumpum thiruvENG kadaththaanE,
>* pugalon Rillaa adiyEnun
>*   adikkee zhamarndhu pugundhEnE.6.10.10
>By the way, this is also interpreted as
>the point in the Thiruvaaymozhi where
>Nammazhvaar surrenders himself completely
>to the Lord.

   Here is an interesting comparison.  In the
   above Namaazhvaar says "pugal onRum illaa"
   i.e. without any other means for salvation
   I surrender to the Lord.

   Swami DhEsikan performed prapatti to Aththigiri
   perumaaL with the 10 exquisite songs of Adaikkala
   paththu.  In the very first paasuram he says,

      "paththi mudhalaamavaRRuL pathi enakku koodaamal
       eththisaiyum ozhanROdi iLaiththuvizhum kaakampOl
       muththi tharum nagarEzhil mukkiyamaam kachchithannil
       aththikiri aruLaaLarkku adaikkalam naan pugunthEnE."

   In the first two lines he compares his status to that
   of Kaakaasuran who saught the help of all and sundry,
   but finally after realising that there is no other hope
   surrendered to Lord Rama and was saved.  Likewise, Swami
   DhEsikan implies, that for him all the other methods
   such as Bhakthi yoga, etc. (he is not even mentioning
   karma yoga, Jgana yoga et al.) are not efficacious.  Thus
   he seeks total surrender (adaikkalam) at the feet of
   Aththigiri AruLaaLar (Kanchi Varadharaja perumaaL.)

   These two great souls preferred prapatti to other methods!

-- Dileepan

p.s.  Even though Adaikkala paththu is the seventh prabhandam
      it is recited first during the times DhEsika prabhandams
      are recited.