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Tatachar"s question.

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Oct 16 1995 - 05:38:41 PDT

Regarding the identiy of Nammazhwar(Satakopa Suri) and the Padhukas of Sri
Rangapati, the ten slokas of the second chapter of  Padhuka Sahsram dwell on
this theme.I will send the  full English translation of this chapter  affter my
return from the current trip. Meanwhile, here is a quick digest of therelevant
portions of the  verses of the Second chapter of the Glorious work of Swami
Desikan on the relationship between Nammazhwar and the Swami Satari (Sandals)::

1. Satakopa Samaakhyaa Tava Rangaturina Paduke Yuktah: is the statement of The
Composer of Padhuka Sahasram. He says it is indeed appropriate that You
(Ranganatha Padhuka) have the name of Satakopa(Nammazhwar). Both indicate
victory over the Sata Vayu , which results in total dedication and service to
the Lord"s  Lotus feet without cease.

2. Ranga Vibrama Padhuke! Svayameva Aavisati sma Padhukathma Satakopa: O, The
foot rest of Ranganatha  used by him for his plesant strollings! Satakopa has
entered this universe as your form (Incarnation) to bring the suffering souls
close to the Lord and His Consort  thru adorning their heads (Padhuka
Sekharatvam) thru your form. They by wearing the Satari on their heads (bearing
you and your name sake Satakopa) get unparalleled blessings

3.Sataripu Tanoh Te Mukaat  Nishpadhanti  Praacheenaanam Sruti Parishataam
Agraganyaa: ---
You took the form of Satakopa and from your holy mouth emerged the Tamil Vedas ,
which took a place ahead of the Sanskrit Vedas.

4.. Satakopa Sureh: Karnamrutam Ghatasahasram, Manjupranaatham Tvam
Anusmaranthi. The  thousand  verses of Nammazhwar  , which are delectable to the
ears remind one of the Most musical and delightful sounds associated with your
movement. It is because You and Nammazhwar  are one and  the same. 

There  are  many more examples in Padhuka Sahasram that define the relationship
between the Divine Padhukas of the Lord of Sri Rangam and Nammazhwar. Swami
Desikan salutes them repeatedly as "Ranga pati Paadavani (sandals). Footrest may
be a little misleading term to use for the Sandals , since footrest may imply
the foot stool at the bottom of the throne of the Lord. Hence Sandals may be the
better word  for the describtion of Padhukas in English .


Dear Tatachar: Thanks for your kind  words.