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Date: Sun Oct 15 1995 - 20:25:01 PDT

Jaganath said:
>>>>Similarly man,
by today's reckoning, has existed for about seven thousand years or
so.  But there is an entire book called Forbidden Archeology that
shows evidence of man and use of weapons between seven and 55 million
years ago.  Accepting this as evidence would mean blowing Darwin's
theory to smithereens.<<<<

Accepting this evidence would be in favor of Darwin's theory as well as the
Hindu (jain-Buddhist) belief. What it throws out  is the traditional
Christian belief.

Hinduism and many other Indic religions believe in reincaranatio.
Christianity believes in resurrection. All buried dead will wake up from
their grave at the return of Jesus. Jesus  will judge the resurrected people
and decide on their eternity  in paradise or in a burning hell. This
resurrection will not apply to those who were not buried at the time of their
death. Ofcourse those were already burnt and that's that according to
Christian belief. This is the reason why burial is so sacred and is basic to
Christian solvation.

Scientists and the soul: Yes, scientists have not seen it under a microscope
yet. They will never see it that way probably. Only matter can be seen. All
matter is made of atoms. Inside th eatoms are the numerous fundamental
particles, which together occupy an insignificant portion of an atom. What is
in th erest of the atom: nothing. Yet id this nothing was not there, the atom
would simply collapse. This screen I am writing on would be far far less than
1% of its current size. perhaps this nothing which is responsible for
everything , we can call SOUL!
K. Sreekrishna