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RE:Signia of 32 in Sri-Vaishnava philosophy
Date: Sun Oct 15 1995 - 16:52:21 PDT

Dear Sadagopan,

Thanks for your as usual eloquent discription of the significance of the
number 32 in the Sri-Vaishnava Philosophy.
You said:
>>The  Sri Ranganatha Paaduka
>>>symbolizes for us the  Sri Satari that  we  wear on our head to get >>the
>>blessings of Nammazhwar, the Prapanna janakootastha. Acharya >>Ramanuja is
said to
>>be the satari  (foot rest ) of Nammazhwar and the tradition >>continues all
>>way down to our Acharyas at the Andavan Asramam or Ahobila >>Matam or
>>Matam.    <<<<

What does SATARI actually mean?
I thought it means Nammazhwar,  and he got that name because of his anger
(Shatakopar) or animosity (Shat+ari=Shatari) towards the Shata Vayu (akin to
Shatamarshanar). I also thought we are placed on our head the Paduka of
Nammazhwar etched on a crown, which we refer to simple as Shatari. You wrote
Satari=foot rest. Please clarify.

K. Sreekrishna.