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Vaishnavas and Shiva Temples

From: Raymond Crawford (
Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 18:31:22 PDT

When I lived in Udupi, it was a part of the daily ritual to visit the Sri 
Ananteswara Temple.  This is performed by not only the devotees of Sri 
Krishna Mutta but also by the Swamis of all the Mutts.  On special occasions 
when the deitys of Lord Krishna and Mukhya Prana are taken around Car Street 
on the gigantic ratha car, the processional deities from the Ananteswara and 
Chandramaulishvara Temples go around on a smaller ratha at the same time.

In this way the worship of Krishna and Shiva is going on at the same time.  
This worship of Shiva and Vishnu has been going on in Udupi since ancient 

Best regards