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Re: Who is author?

From: krish (
Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 08:48:14 PDT

Thanks. But the verse is 4 lines. I think it is Bojha's time.
He had the great men of letters then
here are some better ones
 Bukkunda was sentenced to death by the king. He gets pardon reciting
    Bhattir Nashtaha, Bharvih-so-pi Nashtaha
    Bhikkur Nashtaha, Bheemaseno-pi Nashtaha
    Bhukkundo-ham, Bhupathis-tvam cha rajan
    Bha-bha-vallyam antakah sampravehitah

Another a real kicker ( vulgar or wise ? )

    Dhurram Bhuurram Bhayam Naastih
    Koyyam Piyyam cha Madyamam
    Thiss-a-goram Maha-goram
    Niss-cahbdam Prana-sankatam
The translation runs
    Durr Burr fear-not Koi piyyh can be withstood
    Thiss piss is dangerous, but silent ones are the deadly!