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Re: Who is author?

From: Ranga Satagopan (
Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 08:35:21 PDT

> a better known version is probably Bhasa's ( Harsha's time 8-9 th centurry ?)
> runs
>      Puspeshu Jaathi    ( Jaathi among flowers )
>      Nagareshu Kanchi   ( kanchi among cities )
>      Streeshu Rambha     ( Angel Rambha among damsels )
>      Purusheshu VISHNU   ( Lord Vishnu among men )
I think this is from KaaLidaasa. I have seen a reference to it in Kalki's
Sivakaamiyin Sabadam.

On a different note, since there are many Sanskrit quotations we come across on
this mailing list, folks may want to try the Sanskrit mailing list. It is 
more populous than this list, and has been chaotic for the 3 days that I have 
been on it, but hopefully it will settle down and I can pick up some stuff from
it. Please note that it doesn't provide primers or learning exercises of any
kind; you get a lot of Sanskrit with translations. With some active work, you
can benefit. You can send mail to with the subject
line as "subscribe sanskrit".

- Ranga
Ranga Satagopan
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