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Re: Who is author?

From: krish (
Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 08:08:15 PDT

That is neat and should take care of Shiva or Vishnu.
a better known version is probably Bhasa's ( Harsha's time 8-9 th centurry ?)
     Puspeshu Jaathi    ( Jaathi among flowers )
     Nagareshu Kanchi   ( kanchi among cities )
     Streeshu Rambha     ( Angel Rambha among damsels )
     Purusheshu VISHNU   ( Lord Vishnu among men )

I think it may be a South Indian in Pallava's court. Kanchi was
the Capital for the Pallavas. But they precede Ramanuja and Saivism
was dominant. Mahendra varman had accepted Sanskrit as a State
Language then ( in TamilNadu! )

 It is interesting that Vishnu is the best of men , Adwaitha philosphy ?)
 Sankara might have been a contemporary? My knowledge may be from
 historic fictional episodes.