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who is the author

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 07:53:01 PDT

the author of this sloka is I think vyasa : this verse comes in
srimadbhagavatam itself. I think this is the words of suka maharshi.

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>From Wed Oct 11 10:22:56 1995
Date: 11 Oct 95 10:19:01 EDT
From: Eswar Josyula <>
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Subject: Who is author?

Who wrote this?

  nimagnaanaam yatha ganga, devaanaam Achyutho yatha,
  vaishnavaanaam yatha Shambhu, puraanam ida tatha, 

  kshetranaam chaiva sarveshaam, yatha kaashihriyanuthama,

  tatha purana vraataanam Srimad Bhagavatham dvijah ||

  Among rivers, the ganges is the greatest,
  amogn devataas, Achyutha is the greatest,
  among vaishnavas, Siva is the greatest,
  amog holy places, Kaasi is the greatest,
  among puranas, Bhagavatham is the greatest.

Anybody know who wrote this or where it is from?

-Eswar Josyula

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