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Introduction from Rajiv Madabhushi

From: Rajiv Madabhushi (
Date: Mon Oct 09 1995 - 12:08:08 PDT

Hello everyone,

        I just joined this mailing list. My name is Rajiv Madabhushi.
I am studying for a PhD in EE here at the University of Maryland.  I
am very much interested in learning about Visishtadvaita and its
explanation of the relationship between the jiva and Paramatma.  I
have had some exposure to the Advaita version of this relationship
(hearing tapes on Sankaracarya's Tattva Bodha, joining a Bhagavad Gita
discussion group run by a local Chinmayananda mission).  However,
since I feel there are some drawbacks with their explanation (for
example, the explanation of the ultimate oneness of everything in the
universe contradicts a subsequent explanation of the distinction
between the Isvara and Maya - e.g., Vishnu and Lakshmi), I am
interested in the explanation of this relationship by Ramanujacarya
and Vedanta Desikar.  Furthermore, my family have been ardent
Visishtadvaitins (at least my grandfathers' generation and before),
and thus I feel I should at least learn about this philosophy.

I have relatives who have explained some of the basics of the
philosophy, but there are more aspects I would like to learn.

Thanks, and hope to be making some good friends on this list,