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Geeta bhasya class
Date: Fri Oct 06 1995 - 09:18:36 PDT

Since the subject of spiritual science is too vast there are various
sampradayas that specialize in one particular principle or philosophy.
Srivaishnava Philosophy specializes in Visishtadvaita and the doctrine of
Prapatti.  To avoid confusion if someone wishes to make an unqualified
statement regarding the meaning of a shloka, it will have to be backed up
by a quote from an Acharya coming down in Guru Parampara from Nathamuni.
Statements from other schools or individuals can only be expressed as an
"opinion" and the person sending the email should make it clear as to
which category his statement falls into.

For the purpose of the Geeta class it is assumed that the participants
accept or are at least willing to consider the possibility that scriptures
like the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Ramayana & Mahahbharata are authentic
and these have been written up (or heard as in the case of Vedas) by great
souls sent by God from Vaikuntha for the purpose of deliverance of the
rest of mankind caught up in Samsara.  How these scriptures are consistent
with one another and are relevant to us today is what is explained by the
Acharyas.  What the Srivaishnava Acharyas have explained is what will be
taught by Shri Sadagopan in English.