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Geeta bhashya class
Date: Thu Oct 05 1995 - 18:33:30 PDT

Sri Sadagopan has volunteered to give English commentary.  This will be
based on Yamunacharya's Geetarhtha Sangraha with Tamil commentary by
Vedanta Deshikar.  My intent at the time I suggested these classes was to
make available what Acharyas who propounded the Visishtadvaita philosophy
had to say to people who accept that these Acharyas knew what they were
talking about and we are the ones trying to understand what they have to
say.  Comments and references made with respect to Advaita, Dwaita or any
other philosophy or interpretation that are relevant to the central focus
of human goal and means of attainment through Visishtadvaita are welcome.

Mani do you think that it is right to emphasize on a central focus?  And
if so is it correctly defined?