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Gita Course

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Oct 05 1995 - 10:53:48 PDT

I am not sure if one wants to write from Baashyam, translated into english. For
those who want a rational study of Gita, I would suggest the book by sith
bavaanandhaa from Ramkrishna mutt. This work is not an advaitin representation
though it has so many examples and facts from many walks of life and quotes
from Ramakrishna paramahamsa and others. I would love to learn from anyone who
would discuss baashyam here. I will be prepared to part some of the Tamil
expalanations provided by sidh bavaanandha as and when I think is possible (If
anyone wants such explanations) without interfering the mainstream course. I am
looking forward to see the gurus (?) coming forward to offer this course.

 Regarding a suggestion from one of our friends in this group, if we would
discuss the philosophies of advaita or dvaita here, I would like to say that I
have not yet fully understood vishistaadva system of philosphies and I have a
lot to learn in (my) this school of philosophy itself. So I would devote most
of my time to analyse and re"search" this first, than venture prematurely
(premature for my current level of understanding on other scholls) into others.
I wanna do a thorough study of 4000 and gita and Rahsya trasaaram before I
decide whether or not I venture into other avenues. However I will try to post
relevant "facts" and quotes from other puraanaas (that I have already read so
far),to discuss and clarify some of our own materials as and when required and,
 without affecting the sentiments of any of the readers.

Sampath Rengi