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Gita class

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Thu Oct 05 1995 - 08:26:35 PDT

My answer is a guarded yes.  Two points:

[1] This e-mail group is called 'Bhakthi/Prapatti.'
    Therefore, any interpretation put forth must be
    consistent with that theme.  Discussion about
    other interpretations must be in the light of why
    they are wrong and why our way is right.
    For open debate one must go to Alt.Religion.Vaishnava,
    or Soc.Religion.Hindu or some such open forum.
    Those who think they are open-minded don't jump to
    conclusions; I think there are enough people here
    wanting to learn more about sri vaishnavam.  For
    such a group a no-holds-barred debate will be of
    little value. An upanyasam style class with one
    teacher is the best format.  Later on we can organize
    debates with other schools of thought for the pupils
    to form a more critical understanding.

[2] My knowledge level is extremely rudementary.  It is not
    correct to use the word Pundit and my name in the same
    sentence, to put it mildly.  Be assured that I am not
    saying this out of false modesty.  I will be an eager student.

-- Dileepan