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Re: Gita Bhasya class

From: krish (
Date: Thu Oct 05 1995 - 05:00:48 PDT

I have to say no. There are so many commentaries on the Gita already and
I have to say I like the English trnslations better, especially if they 
are devoid of the devotional aspect.
Coming back to the Acharyas, I am amazed at the feelings of some of you.
I mainly enjoyed the reports because many of you are Iyengars like me
an probably I am out of my surroundings. In India, I would not have
been associated with any Acarya, just like family there. Being PB's,
we probably followed the tradition of Swayamacaryas. Rituals were of
importance at the holiday or Shradda. Many of my relatives have lost
touch with it there. I feel that many of these actions are from one's
own weakness to face reality, an escape back to the womb. Our day to
day actions are not dependent on religion. 
Acaryas are also in business and probably face the same stresses we
do in our work. I have never cared for my superiors at work or other-
wise. But it is how one is brought up and thse circumstances are out
of our hands.
The great lesson of Gita is action alone provides relaxation.
Imagine worrying about the result while having sex! Will remove all
the pleasure. My meditation is good game of duplicate bridge.
Yes I have all the Thiruvandathis, Thiruppavai etc. To me the literary
ideas are more enjoyable. 
I plan to spend some of my retirement time in India, reading Snaskrit
and Tamil, because I was exposed to it. 
I think, we should drop Acaryas and may be bring out the
essentials in Advaita and Dwaita.