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From: Sriram Ramanujam (
Date: Wed Oct 04 1995 - 15:04:11 PDT

Sorry if my earlier posting was a little to long and a little outdated
onsome issues which I just happened to read from the other postings
but I do see that quite a few are not too happy with the way the ashramams
work, the same way I know of a lot of people who prefer not to visit
temples just because they have either become too commercialised or they
priests are too harsh etc.., but with all that in a place like
thirupathi, are'nt people able to tolerate all the 'jargandis' just
to get the glimpse of the great lord of the hills, yes for some breath
taking moments like those we do forget a lot of those ills. Well it all
truely depends on what you want most when you go to a place rather than
go just because you happened to accompany or you just never gave a great
thought about it