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Desika Prabandham online

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Wed Oct 04 1995 - 12:43:34 PDT


       srI lakshmI hayavadana parabrahmaNe namah
              srImate raamaanujaaya namah
        srImate nigamaanta mahaadeSikaaya namah

Today being the thirunakshatram of Sri Vedanta Desika,
the great acharya who elucidated and consolidated the
Ubhaya Vedanta religion of Nammazhvaar and Sri Ramanuja,
I am pleased to formally announce that the Tamil
poetic compositions of Sri Desika are now online.

The collection is available on the World Wide Web at

These Tamil works of Desika are collectively called
Desika Prabandham. Kumara Varadaracharya, the son of
the acharya, initiated the tradition in some temples that
the Desika Prabandham should be recited in 'anadhyayana-kaala',
that part of the year when the Divya Prabandham of the 
Azhvaars are not formally recited.

This edition of the Desika Prabandham has been made
possible through the kindness and effort of Sampath
Rengarajan and P. Dileepan, both members of this mailing

The Desika Prabandham page is a subset of the 
Sri Vaishnava home page, available at, 
where a picture of Sri Desikar's murthi can also be seen.