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Briguvalli - a new topic

From: krish (
Date: Wed Oct 04 1995 - 09:18:57 PDT

 Just o change the topic, I want to introduce for discussion
Briguvalli form the Upanishads(?). I went to Vivekananda College
in Madras in the late 40's and the principal was D.S.Sharma who authored
several books on Hinduism, including a primer ( reccommending it ).
We had morning prayer, chanting selections from Rig Veda and
Upanishads ( I am sure many of you are against school prayer here ).
I never gorget this piece starting with
Saha Na-vvathu etc.
In Bhruguvalli, Varuna asks his father "Teach me Brahman ", rather what is
Brahman ( knowledg ? ).
Brigu, the father answers
 "Ann-am, Pranam, Chakshuh, srotram, manoh, vachamiti "
Brahman is responsible for their creation, life and demise.
Meditate and know Brahman.
The son meditates and solves th mystery slowly
, to claimone after another,  matter(annam ) is Brhaman, then breadth
(prana), then thought ( manas ), then intellect ( Gyana ) and 
finally Ananda ( i prefer contentment to bliss ).
" Anand-o brahmeti vyajanath. Anandena kalvimani bhoothani jaa-yanthe.
 In the beginning, Brighu claims that one has the tools and thru tapas
( meditation or thought ) find the answer and it is ananda